Backwater Valve Installation Etobicoke

Safeguard your property in in Etobicoke from potential flooding and water damage with professional Backwater Valve installation. With more than 15 years of experience, George The Plumber is a plumber you can rely on in Etobicoke.

Prevent Flooding in Your Basement With Drain Backwater Valve

To safeguard your property from the potential overflow of wastewater, particularly after a severe storm, the installation of a backflow prevention valve is crucial. This device is designed to prevent the reverse flow of water, thereby protecting your home from possible flooding and water damage.

Homes that have been constructed within the last 40 years are likely to already have a backflow prevention valve installed as part of modern building regulations. However, for properties that are older than 40 years, there is a high probability that they may not be equipped with this valve.

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Drain Backwater Valve Installation in Etobicoke

Price for Backwater installation in Etobicoke starts from $750+ tax

Professional Faucet Repair in Etobicoke

Backwater Valve Testing

It’s important to note that even if your house is equipped with a backwater valve, regular testing and maintenance of the valve are necessary. This is to ensure that the valve is functioning correctly and can effectively prevent any backflow when needed.

Regular testing will help identify any potential issues or failures in the system early, allowing for timely repairs and preventing possible damage to your property.