Does your home or bussine in Etobicoke have a faulty or outdated waterline? Trenchless waterline replacement could be exactly what you need to improve efficiency and protect your health. George The Plumber is a licensed and insured, plumbing service offering water line plumbing services to residents in Etobicoke and its neighboring areas.

Pipe Bursting Water Line Replacement

Discovering a damaged or burst water line can be a worst nightmare, flooding, water bills, low water pressure, and contaminants in the home's water supply, needs to be resolved quickly.

The good news is that George The Plumber utilizes trenchless technology for water line replacement, a cost-effective and faster alternative to traditional dig-up-and-replace methods. Our experts specialize in this modern approach, allowing us to replace entire sections of underground pipe without digging up your garden or driveway with a huge trench.

Pipe Bursting Water Line Replacement Etobicoke
What Is a Water Line Repair Cost in Etobicoke

What Is a Water Line Repair Cost in Etobicoke?

The length of the sewer line affects the average cost of repair or replacement—the longer the line, the more expensive it is to replace a water pipe from the street to a house. The cost of replacing or repairing a water main ranges from $1,400 to $5,000, including labour costs. The cost per foot of line replacement varies from $50 to $250, depending on whether it is a water service line or a waterline.

The type of pipe used also influences the main water line replacement costs. Other factors include permit fees and inspections. If you want to avoid digging up your yard, you can inquire about the trenchless water line replacement costs, which is a more economical option.