Toilet Installation & Repair in Etobicoke

We can repair, replace or upgrade your toilet in no time, our team of licensed plumbers in Etobicoke has the experience and knowledge to handle any toilet issue, from flapper replacements to noise toilet repairs and complete installations.

New Toilet Installation & Replacement

Setting up a new toilet can prove to be a challenging and time-consuming task. Precision is essential to prevent potential issues such as home damage, sanitation concerns, unpleasant odors, or improper functionality.

If you're in need of toilet installation services in Etobicoke, George The Plumber is ready to lend a hand. Our team can dispatch a licensed plumber to seamlessly handle the entire installation process and address any challenges you might be facing with your toilet. Contact us today for assistance.

Toilet Replacement in Etobicoke

Price for Toto toilet installation starts at $250

Pllumber in Etobicoke

Our Toilet Repairs Services:

  • Handle Replacement- The handle is loose or does not work properly
  • Running Toilets
  • Water leaking from the base of the toilet or from the tank
  • Fill Valves
  • Resealing Toilets
  • Flapper Replacements
  • Water Supply Connection
  • Toilet Seat Replacement
  • Noise Toilet Repair

Experiencing issues with your toilet? Contact us today for expert plumbing services!